Amino Energy

amino energy

Amino Energy

Amino energy is the bodybuilding supplement which provides extra energy to your body with an especially chemical formula of 3 and 6 fatty acids. Amino energy consists of amino acid that is not naturally prepared by the body immune system. It is the special formula that helps in building muscles and recovery from torn muscles. It is the bodybuilding supplement. Amino acids consist of protein substituent which is helpful in building blocks of protein and building muscles tissues. Amino acids consist of special formula that provides recovery from burn calories, helpful in fat loss and gaining strength to muscles.

    Amino energy can be used pre-workout, post workout or during the workout. We need to recover energy as soon as possible for instant recovery from burn calories and focus on the workout. The trainer also advice to follow nutrition diet with optimum nutrition product to gain a sufficient amount of nutrition elements for further working.

Ingredients in amino energy

  • Proteins – It contains protein which maintains enzymes and body immune system that recover from torn muscles. Protein substituent breakdown in cells and provide a sufficient amount of energy to the body.
  • Carbohydrates– Carbohydrates provide energy building cells that provide essential nutrition to your body. Carbohydrates and calories maintain the calorific value that we lose during the workout. 
  • Amino blend– It consists of the amino blend which is focused on building the muscles of the body and recovery from the torn muscle tissues. Amino blend consist of a special formula of BCAAs contains fatty acids recover strength more effectively.
  • Energy bend– As the name suggest amino energy, it defines the energy blend in the more responsive form that provides efficient supply to the body. Energy propagation helpful in gaining energy with more effective and natural form.

 The primary component of optimum amino is the Amino Blend which comprises 5 gm per serving (serving size is 2 scoops). This goes beyond the standard BCAA to include non-essential amino acids and beta-alanine product in the supplier.

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